Anime Fans Unite!

I agree with everything you said except…I’m a guy lol.

Sorry for the confusion.

How could my name be changed to fatdude? I will change it I just don`t know how.

Aura: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O:




Wait, what? You said you were female in the chat :confused:

I just don`t get it…ugh…( Faints)

Daz how could I change my name to Fatdude.

I did? I could’ve sworn I wrote in my intro I was a guy :confused: .

I`m in freaken shock…

Heya, the name’s Aura. I guess this is where we get the ol introduction stuff out of the way.

Let’s see the basics:
I assure you I am a guy. I just use female avatars because I damn well feel like it .
I’m a huge Anime/Video Game fan.
I like Metroid (duh).
I’m very knowledgeable.
I’m 20.
I am a guy and I’m 100% straight.
Sorta a novelist and a game maker(I have no programming experence yet that I’d consider worthy enough to help the project. I mainly specialize in writing the stories).
I guess I joined here because I have high hopes for this project. I saw the article in EGM and was wowed by this remake. I’m a huge Metroid fan as you can probibly tell and can provide ample tips to those who ask. I assure you, I’m not your average newbie, been fourming it for a year or so now, and currently run two forums of my own both pretty much anime and video game related.

So I’ll probibly post if I find an interesting topic, or if there’s something I can answer. Nice to meet you all and I wish you guys luck on finishing this project. It’s looking awesome so far!


Unless that was edited she…I mean he( going to be a long time to get used to that.) Said that in the Hi I`m new post.

Nope that’s pretty much what I said.

Since this topic has gone completely, well, off-topic, I might as well try to cease some confusion.

Dahak, i talked to aura and she was talking to the other dark samus, the one with one space, not me with an underscore. She must have just looked at my profile by mistake. :unamused:

As for your comment Daz, im dark phazon samus from the SCU forum,and I told you guys to change my name to that here if my current one was confusing everybody, but no one has done so yet. :neutral_face:

You didn’t read what I posted above >.<. Oh well.

Anyway can we please get back on topic >.<. I wanted to have a nice discussion about anime here not flame the two dark samus’. Once agian sorry for the confusion older DS(The 18 year old one).

well i like dbz, db, dbgt, full metal alchemist, and trigun

the dragon ball series was okay, untill gt, i think khat compleatly ruind it

Dragonball GT sucks :angry: . it ruined the entire series by bad drawings, no originality, and they drew how dark evryones skin was wrong. Goku looks white (on TV, of course in the manga he can’t) in Dragonball Z. then in DBGT he looks like he’s goes to 50 tanning salons everyday. and like some one else stated, it was not created be Akira Toriyama, hence the bad story, etc. and why did u think a 13 year old would come in here and say GT is awesome? i’m 13 and i hate it.

IMO, Dragonball always sucked.

First this was on topic, then we go into is Aura a guy or not, a little talk about the Dark Samuses, and now we’re saying everything wrong about DBGT, let’s get back on the topic hmm?

Favorite animes:
-All Gundams (except for that weird 3D one targeted for 1st graders or something)
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Ghost in the Shell

**online doujinshi (not hentai doujinshi perverts)

Gundam rules, except for SD, of course.


How about the commercials for that.



It actually stands for “Super Deformed”, refering to the heads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still can’t believe they made a commercial on that… wonder if anybody actually payed attention to it (besides DS since repeating what was in the commercial means he payed attention to it)
PS: Yes I like to try and restart dead topics

When i watched G Gundam I watch all Gundam shows…I watched one episode of SD and stopped(SUCKS). Plus the commercials were just funny… :smiley:

I gots some favorites.

Full Metal Alchemist
DragonBall Z

BTW i have to say that anime pwns alot of american forms of animated tv.

I HEART :metroid: