Anime Fans Unite!

what, is anybody here a pokemon fan?!?!?

i liked all gundams ( except for g-gundam and sd) seed and wing are my favorites

as for the whole dragonball series… i think it sucked… i remember watching the freeza part… it took almost a friggin year to watch (im obviously exagerating) but thats what it felt like… i hate dragonball…

doesnt appear that way

I like…

-Gundam wing and seed (seed especially)
-Inu Yasha
-Witch hunter robin

…I didn’t think pokemon fans existed anymore, no offense. Whatever floats your boat, know what i mean?

Gundam Seed
Rurouni Kenshin
Inuyasha(sort of)
Ghost in the Shell
Metroid(yes there is)
AND AS U CAN SEE MY AVATAR/SIGNATURE…I think ull figue it out

Let’s see here…

Spiral (Why is it so little known?)
Grave of the Fireflies
Fullmetal Alchemist
Case Closed

… and that’s about all I’ve “really liked.”

I’ve seen a few others (Blue Gender, Ghost in the Shell) that weren’t particularly amazing. Either a bit lackluster, or ruined by the diminishing quality of the basement TV.

Oh, and DragonballZ, really good music, but that’s about it. (Why don’t they make an American soundtrack?) :imp:

WTF there is a metroid anime show??? MUST SEE IT!!!

So, where is it???

EDIT: Hello no one responded im sad now. TIME FOR METROID PRIME 2 YAY.

CAUSE I HEART :metroid:

I like: Gundam Seed
FullMetal Alchemist(the moveie rocks :smiley: )

…No seriously, why do you keep bumping 2 year old topics?