Since MW2 was a major PC dissapointment, I figured, hey, BFBC2 (Battlefield Bad Company 2) won’t right? Well, turns out I was right. The PC version is much better than the console version.

Here’s the video explaining the differences/changes.

It’s got DX11 support, unlocked framerate, field of view changes, and loads of other goodies.
Anyone planning to get or, “get” this? Looks good to me.

I knew it was going to be better from the start, EA specifically told Dice to do so to give Activision the middle finger. xD Just like a lot of people I know pirated MW2 and never played it, just to make a huge online middle finger.

And now we have petitions to not pirate this game, just to make that middle finger even larger. xD

Hahahahaha :laughing: thats hilarious.

So, you gonna get it? I’m really looking forward to the console release.

Probably eventually. I haven’t gotten any new games in a few months, and really don’t have time.

I already pre-ordered the 360 version, can’t wait till Tuesday, and then I have Wednesday off for registration day at my school, awesome.

Yeah I’m psyched for it to. Say goodbye to MW2’s online popularity.

Maybe, I mean there were still a lot of people playing CoD when BC2 the demo was out so maybe not.…eaked-Out-.html

Either they are trying to get some publicity to take away from the BF:BC2 launch, or some PC gamers are really pissed off.

Actually, I think this is about IW not wanting to make MW3, or it could be a publicity stunt, as you say.

I say publicity stunt.

This aint no publicity stunt

this is about royalties.

True. Still, it’s over some unpaid bonuses. And it’s confirmed. Treyarch is releasing the next CoD this fall. Maybe it won’t suck?…nity-Wards-Game

Farming the series much? Now 3 games every 2 years. I give it a year before they put a 4th team on it.

To be fair, this third game will bring the series to a more ‘action-adventure’ sort of game, likely to capitalize on the popularity of Uncharted 2 or something equally market related.