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CM and I decided we are making a series of sprite sheets together. First stop, Metroid Prime!!
(You guys can use this for P2D when its done if you want. We don’t know if its done already.)

well technically the first was Dark Samus
but Prime is being started now =D

Whats the current state of your project? Also, cant wait!

we have a basic reference, an epic refernce, and the big leg’s shape

I might be able to help with references, just ask me if there’s anything I can do.

we got plenty, thanks though

why did you sign off AIM you ass hole

internet fail you tit
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sorry Candy… :cry:

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RUNNY? :imp:
edit we gotta get back on topic >_>

this is just a taste
a bit mishapen still no shading or detail, really

this is just from today

finding good pictures took longer then making this <_<

I’d say that that taste is pretty impressive

Nice work CMC

I didn’t do much…yet :stuck_out_tongue:

it ALREADY looks even more badass

Hate to break it to you…but that’s too small. :sweat:

Very cool guys.

its not nearly as big as it looks

and that is waaaay bigger then it should be

But you get my point. You can walk under him in prime with head room. He is at least 3-4 times your size. >_>

now try it with ZM samus