Code Geass

But seriously now that the last episode is over and…crap we need spoiler tags

well anyone who watched the last episode PROBABLY knows what i was about to say…but i digress

I was not only wondering if there were any fans here but i also kinda wanted to discus the ending

and what is this code geass?

it is an amazing anime…in order to watch it I recommend several sites in order to watch the whole thing…, and

the dub is at but that is incomplete as the dub only reaches ep 21 of 50

I stopped reading at anime, sorry,

well that’s unfortunate…so many people who don’t watch anime simply on principle ah well those of you who don’t watch anime just get to miss out on one of the best stories of the 21st century…their loss not mine

but anyone who is actually interested in watching it can see my above post

what a twist it was. sometimes i wonder if they just make stuff up as they go, kinda like in desu noto.

I dunno I heard a rumor though that they wrote the entire script before they started searching for voice actors

then again that may be a fat load of bullshit

and i must say that i was confused as to the nature of the zero requiem given what you were made to believe as to Suzaku’s fate after staring down the Gurren MkIII