Comment: Icons

Something happened to all the icons, they now have jpg blur, and it looks horrible.

i noticed that too

what’s an icon

^That is an icon.

Oh, I guess Troid took the initiative and hosted them all on his server so as not to rely on imageshack. Except he killed the quality. Gg.

Lemmeh check, I’ll edit when I find out.

Edit* Yeah, Locked topic wasteland looks like crap, and the other ones have worse quality as well.

They’re hosted on Photobucket. :confused:

Yeah, Troid’s photobucket >_>


Hey! It’s true.
All the icons do look weid and not cool now…

definately needs a fix

Thats for sure.

I honestly don’t care and didn’t notice this. I’d love to make my own skin for this forum though :slight_smile:

I noticed it but i don’t care since i dont use icons very often…

Has anyone let troid know?

Good luck contacting him :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll tell him as soon as i can =D

Have fun with that. Also, Timmeh, Your only 96 Posts from Prime Essence. GOGOGOGOGOOOOOOO

Yeah, so apparently Photobucket thinks my JPGs aren’t JPG’d enough and lossy-shrinks them some more. Glad to find that out.

All the board images should be fixed now. Refresh a bunch.

Looks fine to me now. Yay!