Contra 4

Ok…so it’s hard.
Anyone beat it yet?

Also, I was wondering if someone could rip a certian sprite set from it, cuz I can’t find it anywhere.

Can anyone rip the Probotector sprite sheet? thanks in advance.


Do ya’ll find the game THAT hard?

psst I think there’s a chance no one gives a flying fuck about the game…and yes i do find it to be too hard…not to mention my DS is currently fucked

I like the challenge.

I don’t think that anyone dislikes SOME challenge but last time I checked contra 4 doesn’t have the Konami code and is as such un-beatable…in my opinion and 4 hits =game over? “how 'bout NO”

I like the game. It feels like the old NES games.
And I don’t think it is harder than the old Contra or Ninja Gaiden games. You just have to learn every stage before you can play through the game.

Synty, just because you don’t like the game doesn’t mean others don’t.

Nothing on tsr?

Do you suck or do you suck?

Konami code only works in Normal and Hard. It fully upgrades your weapons, which is very useful.

fuck that…give my my 30 lives

Of course, cause if it isn’t anything Halo-esque, it’s bad. No doubt. [/Sarcasm]

I want it, but having no money, you know, hinders that. I’ll probably convince a friend to buy it, and then borrow it for a month. And if it provides an actual challenge, good. I want to be at least remotely human, not godly.