Controls don't work

Whenever I try to play the game, none of the keyboard keys work. The only place they work is at the title screen to start the game.

WHOA! 2 DarkPhazons. But anyway, are you sure your using the right keys because its fine for me.

i figured out that if you bind the commands (like run left, run right) to different keys (like A and D) it has a major error and cannot function correctly. I belive it puts a cookie on your system too so if you reinstall it, it will still have that error >_> <_< >_<!!!

… First, how can a game maker game put cookies on your computer? Second, uhh, last I checked that demo thing wasn’t an install file…

Third, DarkPhazon, I think you need to use the numpad keys or something… Are you using a laptop? =/

…It doesn’t put cookies on your computer, it puts a file in the same folder as the game >_>