Dead Space

Play it. It’s quite fun getting the shit scared out of you by a video game. Also, play in the dark with the lights out, at night, by yourself, and the volume turned up (surround sound is best). It has a very interesting and mysterious story behind it. It is a third person shooter with lots of weapons, different suits, etc. At one point I actually got a stomach ache from playing it…Chapter 5 I think.


Yeah, I know this came out 2 years ago, but it’s still one of the most thrilling games out there. Dead Space 2 is actually coming out in January, and I very much look forward to it. Knowing you guys and your fucked up minds (me included) you’ll love it. At least rent the damn game.

Point is, I want you guys to suffer like I did when I played through. It’s because I love you all.

I would, if 1: My computer could run it, and 2: If I actually had the game.

Oh…also…it’s for Computer, 360, and PS3. (I played on 360)

my computer would rape it

but im poor

Get unpoor. Or steal it. Or something else that is not momentarily possible or just wrong.

Word of warning: Deadspace SUCKS on the PC.

Period. :frowning:

why? is it performance or just bad control, because the latter can usually be fixed for like $20

or like $0 if you look at the keyboard controls menu…

uh yeah…

Well some games just weren’t meant for the mouse & keyboard, and most people would agree that third person shooters are just better with a controller.

Haven’t played a third person shooter in a long time…

In other news, that rofflecopter is destructive!

There are a lot of really good 3rd person shooters on PC… Dead space isn’t one of them.

I do have a wireless 360 controller on my PC, so I might still check it out.

Once again, also for 360 and PS3

But yeah I wouldn’t know I have never really played anything on my “PC” because my graphics card sucks. Another reason the game is awesome, instead of having a “finishing move” on enemies, every individual enemy type has a different way of killing you. Some grab you, and smash you to pieces after biting your head off, others will pick you up and stab you constantly then cut off each of your limbs before decapitating you! :smiley:

In other words, there are a thousand ways to die.

+1 cookie if you get the reference.

Hehe I get it.

xD lawl

but hey, yeah

i played the demo on my 360 awhile back and i liked that
does that count for anything?

i mean, i’d buy the game (probably on PC) if i had the money o3o


Get it on the 360. <- I can’t believe I just said that.

i have a 360 controller i can use with my PC o3o

Ah, so desu ne.

I do too. :smiley:

I’m playing through Brawl with it right now. O_o

That works…hmm…

If you do it that way, back away from your desktop at a decent distance, I think it’s scarier that way…

Once again, while you are alone, at night, with all the lights out, and the sound up very high, it scares the living shit out of you.
Something else the makes the game awesome…70% of the game has no music. Silence. That way, when you hear stuff, it’s even more frightening.
Here’s a death from the new Puker, in Dead Space 2:
Yum :3

I find that you don’t have to be too far from the monitor, I was playing it on my new TV which is set up in such a way that I can only sit like a meter and a half away from it and its fine, also 1080p isn’t all its cracked up to be >_>