Facebook Vs. Forums

Hey guys! I’m finally in college! I’m taking baking and pastry arts, and so far it’s awesome!

I have a professor called Rachel, that I have an in class session, and online session with, and instead of making a discussion board Forum…she wants to make a Facebook group, and add all her students as friends… which would be nice if Facebook didn’t suck.

Which do you think is better, Forums, or Facebook?

All my dads friends from his forum, scrapped the forum, and all switched to Facebook.

I just learned how to use forums recently, and I like the anonymous aspect of it. You don’t have to put your real name, and you get to meet new people.

Facebook, because it’s people I actually care about(to some degree, anyways).

Well besides, P2D being dead, which layout do you like better? Facebook, or Forums in general? Or do any of you prefer image boards, like 4chan? To be honest, I hate all of them, I just prefer Steam. you can actually interact with people by playing video games with them. But it’s Facebook is nice. I don’t use the chat though…I miss the old popout window. Oh well, at least I have Trillion now!

Ever tried Google+?

The circles function rocks!

G+ is dead.

Is it even out of beta?

Google+ is the sh1t!
And no, it is still beta. Kind of like Gmail was for years.

How do I use Google+? I have a g-mail account, but I don’t know fck all about google…Plus, when the internet keeps updating, like youtube, google maps and google images, and EVERY FCKING GOOGLE SERVICE, keeps updating, I can’t keep up with it!

Oh! There’s a +You button now. It’s like facebook but better! now I have to ask all my friends to covert to Google+!

April 16, 2012 edit
Man Google+ sucks. None of my friends are on it, and it gives me feeds from people I don’t know…

October 2012 edit:
I deleted Google+. It’s incompatible with YouTube Comments.

I think Google is going to keep G+ in beta to watch how people connect and branch out. It’s much easier to monitor when they can see who invited who.

Friends are overrated.

Disrespect friends, acquire currency!

Actually, you guys are like a family to me while I’m not at college being a CS major without a computer.