Fangame List -- Awaiting Custom Game Descriptions

Oh, that is to bad…

how do ya attach your game to a post or reply??? :confused:

Metroid:Dark Shadows has a website.

Made by me, approved by Banjo. Well, at least, it has a message board…>_>;

Metroid: Phazon is underway.

Metroid:RPG has a website.

Well of course it’s my website. But It has a fourm if people would like to join.

SMP3D isn’t on the list.

Neither is Genesis. We’ve a website,

Most good fangames have a website. Or at least a forum if not a website.

SB2D demo is coming

Excellent! :laughing:

Metroid Fusion 2: Prime Battle has a demo. Demo 2 is coming

Also good.

Metroid: oblivion forum:

And by the way, I’ll have a demo out as soon as I’m done fixing the shooting… and… my computer gets a modem again…

Please Add Metroid: Phazons Brother. Site here.

You forgot mine!

here it is:[I]Metroid: The X Factor?

if any of u are familiare with BYOND (build your own net dream) u could play the 1 i made. it kinda sux becuz i wasnt an experienced coder when i made it. but im remaking it like 10 times better. byond u have to download the program dream seeker on their.

You forgot Metroid Legends 1 someone else made.

Maybe I should re-make this topic.
It doesn’t seem to updated enough.
I go to this forum at least 1 time each day, so I would keep it updated.

u need to add Metroid Echoes Fuse done by me

Please add Metroid Nebulus. There is no website, because just recently I thought of actually making this game for the public to play…

Hopefully, one will be coming soon.