Favorite Instrument

Really? Just look at the topic.

  • A Warm Gun.
  • A Contrabassoon. (Shut up and look it up, that’s what a search bar is for.)
  • A Roll of Duck Tape, Pliers, and 15 Drumsticks coated in hairspray
  • The Human Voice
  • The Dolphin Voice
  • A Synthesizer
  • A Piano

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Yes, I am easily bored.

I voted for human voice,
without it I couldn’t talk.

that is one crazy instrument.

And I play that instrument. I feel so proud.

I voted for duct-tape…

(just watched DEADED gameplay video)

I HATE you Archius.

In order:
Pipe Organ
Contra Bass Clarinet

For the record I play all of them to some degree.

My fave is the drums. Good ol’ percussion. :smiley:

Euphonium, the only instrument I can play with any confidence.

Euphonium is ftw.

Pipe Organ only wins due to sheer epic.


Y’know, it’s kinda odd that you guys favor Euphonium so much, cause that’s my tertiary instrument. As well, I play all of those on that list you made. (excluding The contrabass clarinet, I can’t play that because single reeds ruin my embochure.)
Oh yeah, and that sax is pretty badass.

Euphonium is my primary, Tuba a close second. The rest I only kinda know.

Alto and Tenor Sax, bitches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t say “bitches” , it isn’t
very polite.Instead you should say
"other people".

Exactly. Save your expletives, so they mean that much more when you say them all in rapid succession at the TV screen during Mario Kart.

To play or like, in general?
The answer to both is actually either guitar or piano, and I can’t choose between the two because they’re both amazing and have done so much for us musically throughout history. Playing a song on piano is a wonderful wonderful feeling (I only know like one though >_>), but the way a guitar is played is beautifully intricate and I love it.

personally my favorite is harmonized screams of the damned =3

I guess both, which is why I chose the dolphin voice.

Dolphin screech in C major!

I chose mine in the sense of playing, simply because I love my saxophone. I don’t own a tenor, but the alto I own is standard Cannonball brand, and it plays well enough.
…Bitches. :stuck_out_tongue:


That guy is a douch?.