Final Fantasy

For a long time, I was one of those elitist JRPG haters. Every time I would hear someone talk about a Final Fantasy game I would think “Psh, creepy obsessive Japanophiles”. But after a fairly large amount of recommendations and sheer boredom, I decided to try out FFVII.

It’s now one of my favorite games ever.

So naturally I read up on the series a whole lot, I watched a couple LPs of X and XIII (and I’m a little ashamed to say X-2), and today I just finished Disc 1 of FFIX.

Anyway, have any of you ever played/enjoyed the games? And which one is your favorite, etc.

Also: apparently, your friendly neighborhood Dazuro has an account on the FF Wiki where he’s made almost 3000 edits. So it looks like we have one pretty big fan here. And Daz, you’re completely right about Kefka being the best final battle.

EDIT: One more thing- if you haven’t heard already, Squeenix is releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 next winter. When I heard the rumors I really didn’t believe it, and after seeing this… I still can’t believe it. I mean, XIII and X-2 are basically the two most hated games of the series (at least the main series), and it looks like they mixed the two. But they did say they’re trying to expand and improve on XIII’s formula which could end up being great, if they do it right. And I’m actually excited for it.

EDIT 2: Apparently Daz knows about it, seeing as he’s made the only comment here.

I can’t decide whether to call you a stalker, be proud of the IX love, or hate you for not mentioning IV. <_<

Well, I’ve been too busy playing IX to get an SNES emulator- er, I mean physical console… But when I do, IV will be the first one I play. And I only know about your account on the wiki because I happened to see that you made an edit recently and thought “Wait, is that the same Dazuro?”

If you have a DS/emulator, I suggest that version of IV. The SNES one is great but heavily stripped down and … rather dated, and the GBA one is a bit glitchy. Just for the record.

VII Good?!?


sorry I have a reflexive hatred for all things VII, VIII, and X (except Advent Children complete on blu-ray, because it turns out a movie can be good for no other reasons than the third act.)

So yeah, as anyone familiar with the series broken base may have guessed I love me some IV, VI, and IX (though I’ve yet to finish that last one).

If you ask me the SNES version of IV has its merits (if only because I like the sprite art and its a hell of a lot more functional than the GBA version, actually though I too recommend the DS version, the SNES version is on Virtual Console)

As for XIII and XIII-2…

Well I liked XIII, also this

Well, I was just about to call him a stalker, so I shall commence. Phlakes, you’re such a stalker!

I really don’t understand why everyone has to either love or hate FF7. Any time it gets mentioned someone has to go into fanboy or anti-fanboy mode.

It’s a good game. Overrated, not particularly balanced, and confusing, but with a deep story and good music. Great for its time, decent-to-good today, and not worthy of nearly as much admiration OR hatred as it gets.

As far as IV SNES, the translation is awful, comically so at times and other times just plain wrong (like when it calls Tellah Anna’s father and Edward’s father. Ew?). And they removed over half the abilities of the game and about a quarter of the items from the Japanese one, so it’s horrifically stripped down in content. The remakes add new content and features, sure, but they’re most notable for actually KEEPING THE DAMN GAME INTACT.

“I saved a girl from Baron falling down.” Really, Square? Really? At least the “spoony bard” line is semantically accurate, even if it does sound silly to modern ears.

Also, as much as I love sprites, FF4’s annoy me for the complete lack of consistency (Cecil has like five different helmet designs!), and no matter how good the sprites and writing may be, you just can’t have as much emotion as you can with actual gestures, facial animations and such. The DS cutscenes are far more powerful than the SNES ones because of this–the voice acting both helps and hurts, but even without it, it wins for story presentation.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I was just listening to some of this guys stuff:

i dont love it, i dont hate it
it is as you said, a good game thats overrated

what i hate is the majority of people that love it
the ones that say "its the greatest game ever"
with no reasoning
no backing themselves up
just repeating that
and over
and over
thats their only argument

thats what i hate…


FF 1-6 varied levels of love
FF 7 good, overrated
FF 8 my favorite
FF 9 fucking awesome
FF 10 fucking awesome
havent played the rest of the numbered gamed

and im not going into the others
(but FF tactics was good, the sequels less so by far)

last but not least
spoony bard ftw