Firefox 3

Firefox three was launched about half an hour ago, and not only have mozilla screwed their servers, but they’ve also kicked ‘down for everyone or just me’, as people check it is not, in fact, just them.

Great, they advertise it all, basicly setting themselves up for the worlds largest DDOS attack. For now, get it straight from the FTP (Unless you’re running RC2 or 3, they’re exactly the same build as final. Same MD5 and all) here

All hail our new, robotic overlords!

I was going to make this topic, but then they were down.
Someone DDoS’d them? That’s pretty gay. And by “pretty gay” I mean I’m really upset =/

Wait no it’s back up.
Links to FF2 for some reason, but yeah.
EDIT: Aaaaaaand back down.
EDIT2: Aaaaaand back up. I guess it’s gonna stay like this for a while…

back down… And I didn’t understand a thing you said PY

I didn’t really either.


There’s still some really weird shit going on with the site though… but at least there’s an actual link to FF3.

Use this link.

Why do you never get warned for double, triple and even quadruple posting?

Wait no the link still goes to

And it’s partially because I’m awesome, and partially because the rule had people spamming “y no one respond” in mind. All of my posts are updates of a sort.

EDIT: It looks like they’re frantically changing the site. It should be all good in 10 minutes, I think.

GOOD DAY.…=7d&size=Medium

Doesn’t look like anyone’s excited about it.

Why would they be, before launch day?

No, I mean what happened was the same as a DDOS. Hundreds of thousands of nerds holding F5.
(From their own site XD)

EDIT: You cheeky liar, there’s a for the first one for IE.

lmao, image resizer took it out for me because it is a lie.
Also, lol.

Ack! My Metroid Themed skin (By Ed) isn’t compatible! Or so it says. Anyone else have this problem, or is it my stupidity?

Erm, you’ll notice that the theme would… quite obviously, IMO, not really work pasted onto the new layout.

Well, nevertheless, I liked that skin…all the ones for v3 are too big or too bright. I’m probably just too picky, but I want to be able to open my internet without looking at skin in disgust.

P.S. Firefox’s new spellchecker doesn’t consider “internet” an actual word unless capitalized.

Yeah it does… internet internet internet Internet.

actually, all of my old dictionary additions appear to be the same, and I assume that means that they wouldn’t remove anything that was in the original one, either, so…
And internet is recognized here, as well.