Friend Vouchers.

Hey, I have 17 friend vouchers, and I’m looking to get some. If anyone has some, I’ll trade you. I need that screen tool, and some of those dioramas would be nice.

Edit: Friend Code = 6224 9265 6754 2300

Holy crap, how did I miss this topic?

Anyway, I’ll trade vouchers with you, Ashes. That is, as soon as I can find out what my friend code is. My Wii is currently in my living room, and it is never in use, which is the part that annoys me. But yeah, I’ll hook you up.

i keep forgetting to get it, and when i remember someone is using the TV xD

Well, the next chance you get, could you remember?

Speaking of TV, DTV boxes don’t work. :S

The transition to DTV hasn’t happened. Its been postponed to June 17th or something stupid.

That was optional. What I mean is the menu that was supposed to appear didn’t. And the manual assumes it will…

Ahh, well we have Direct TV, so I don’t know how to help you. Sorry.

We only have digital TV in Sweden nowadays, and it sucks. Try to watch TV in a blizzars and you are fucked upp the ass. We have lots of blizzards during the winter.

digital sucks
ive had every single channel just freeze, and stay like that for 2 days

4354 6715 4930 3298

everything sucks, cable doesn’t get you beyond 480i, digital sux for reasons you already mentioned and satellite cant receive more than one channel at a time

Syntax, we get 2 1080i channels at a time and one other SD one. Its purdy cool. Also, CMC, I’m hookin up mah wii, and getting your code now. Thanks man.