So since this seems to be a trending topic, though possibly more on P2D Forums and less on twitter, here’s where you can all argue about whether or not you are disgusted by other people’s lifestyle choices (or not choices, as some furries may argue).

I’m not cause idgaf. And cause some furry/art/porn/debauchery is hot. And cause it’s stupid, once again, to hate large groups of people who have not done anything to you or anyone else just because 4chan told you to.

Well, I consider myself a furry, to a somewhat loose degree. More than anything else, I’m in it for the porn, but I like to think that I’m part of the community in some way.

Honestly, It’s just another personality trait, in my opinion. I’ve never made a huge deal about it, and I never understood why everyone else does.

i have furry friends, and theyre some of my best friends

What the hell is a furry?

…I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not. Here, educate yourself, just in case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yiff Yiff Yiff!!!

Oh wait I mean… I hate furries >.>

Actually… I’m kinda torn on the issue… I’ll get back to you on this.

Careful, Syntax might shun you now.

sod off cloud

I’m mostly kidding, but it’s like bonus points if you realize your generalizations earlier were dumb.

More importantly, while I get the gist of what you’re saying, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard that phrase before <_<

It makes sense if you consider Laputa (The Castle in the Sky).

Sod in the Clouds would be a much better title for that move :stuck_out_tongue:


But yeah, interesting movie.

This sucks.

Liks is a closet furry! just look at his avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Then… what am I? OH GOD, WHAT AM I!!!

A meme whore.

(though I’m definitely one to talk)

Ha ha! :smiley:

Attention. Penis. That is all.

Not really.

I guess I am, but not to a horrible extent. I’m in to some wierd stuff that I’d rather not get into, but thats for another thread. <_<

I have no qualms with furries, as I may be able to sit beside them and jack off with them. X_X

…are you coming out as gay or furry?


I can dig that.