For this topic, Post your gamertag, your usual hours in which you play, and what you play. Also, post your Gamerscore if you wanna brag.

Gamertag: Oblivishock
Hours When Playing: Mon-Fri 8-10, Sat All day, Sun, 2-10
Games most often played: CoD 4, Halo 3, Forza 2, L4D

I have other games, Just add me and then tell me if you want to play something. Help and free cars appreciated in Forza 2. :smiley: Happy fragging!

tag: Deathomen456
hours: NONE (red ringed) =[
game most often played: COD5, RE5, L4D, Orange box (TF2)

Gamer Tag: Syntax Man
Hours Played: Variable
Games: Halo 3, CoD:W@W, Halo Wars, Orange Box (team fortress 2) and sometimes Rock Band 2
Gamerscore: 16 503 (yes, 3)

and Candyman, you should get that fixed, or wrap damp towel around the console >_>

its beyond that fix sadly =[
its gunna take me awhile to get it fixed, but i might be able to pop on my brother’s from time to time, so keep a look out!

For what? a friend request? its not like I’d notice you among the thousands of people who play those games daily >_>

no for me signing on xD

Gamertag: Remskillz
Hours When Playing: Variable
Games most often played: Halo 3, BF: Bad Company, RF: Guerilla, Halo Wars

Steam ID is the same, 'cept I play TF2. Getting L4D2 on Nov. 17. My brother has the first but I don’t want to pay for it. Also condering UT3.

I used so many acronyms and shortenings.

Wow. Lots more Xboxers than I thought. CMC, did you send the 360 in? The should fix it for free. They all got free 3 year warranties when they tanked so bad.

unfortunatly i got mine second hand and cant send it in =[

Call microsoft and CHANGE THE REGISTRATION. I did it. It worked I got a red ringed one from my friend, changed the registration, and sent it in. Two weeks later, I had a brand new replacement 360. Woot.

@Phalke: get the unreal deal, its much more worth the monies than just UT3

oh, I forgot to mention that on steam I’m Syntax Man
on Xfire I’m syntaxman

I play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Unreal Tournament 2004 oh, and WoW

also @CMC: just by an arcade, its $200, and if you already have an HDD then you’re all set :smiley:

arcade has no backwards compatibility

Are you retarded? It had everything to do with software updates on the internal OS HDD.

Now with NXE it has to do with the content on the HDD, I can attest using my friends arcade and my old Xbox games.

way to be an asshole

okay, I overreacted, but the point still stands >_>

i was unaware of it being HDD related
when i checked the system “stats” it doesnt mention that
it just says the arcade isnt backwards compatible but the other 2 are

It’s because you need an HDD, or a 512mB memory card, neither of which the arcade comes with, but if you have a HDD than all you need is an arcade and you’re good to go.

well then if getting it fixed doesnt end up happening i’ll do that

Gamertag: Liksmaskaren
Gamerscore: 20.000 something. Don’t remember exactly.

I’m playing Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
Wan’t me to kick your sorry asses into next week?

Oh yeah, I got L4D And UT04. Not too bad at them, but not too great either.