Games Worth Mentioning

We’ve all heard of Diablo, Chrono Trigger, and Spore. But what about some of the lesser known games. Let’s make a list.

The Journeyman Project
There’s three games that make up this series, and a fourth for Mac only.
TJP: Turbo - TJP: Buried in Time - TGP: Legacy of Time
All great games, height of the Point and Click era. :stuck_out_tongue: I would really recommend these games. I never got a copy of the fourth game “TGP: Pegasuses Prime” because that was back when Macs were to top computer.

Though the game has some fundamental flaws as far as planet sizes and space travel are concerned; it’s a really fun game. Basically you own a ship and go around a massive universe trading, pirating, fighting, making allies… Anything. What makes it even better is how easy it is to mod. There are tons of Mods out there for it. Full remakes, weapon upgrades, more factions, etc… The replayability is endless. To top that it still has many online servers with hundreds of players. It’s also an MMO!

Heroine Iysayana
I haven’t played this game in forever. It’s free. I’m actually a little surprised the website is still around. I was obsessed with this game for a while. It’s a very typical top down RPG, but the story is hilarious and addicting. I would say more, but I really need to replay it. :blush:

Freelancer is actually pretty fucking fun.

Battlezone and Battlezone 2:
Basically an RTS combined with an FPS. Crazy story about how the cold war was actually covering up a bigger space war for bio-metal.

I can (and do) play BZ2 for hours on end and never get bored.

Descent Freespace is a fairly old but fairly good space combat simulator. It’s still not bad to look at, with the exception of some of the explosion effects.

YES. I’ve only played and beaten the first and second, but I was obsessed with them for years as a child. I still have the trailer for Pegasus Prime (aka “Director’s Cut”) vividly memorized in my head.

I don’t know how popular the Myst series is (maybe too well-known for this topic), but the original is worth playing through once, and I think Riven is the best in the series. Haven’t played #4, but if it’s anything like #3 or #5, Riven’s better. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Petz series is amusing.

I had loads of fun with Croc 2. Never played Croc 1.

The original Dark Forces is amazing. Try playing through the whole thing without any cheats or walkthroughs.

The 7th Guest is slow and lame by today’s standards, but the music and floating ghost lady will never stop haunting me. It’s considered a classic by many, but I don’t think anyone really wants to play through it again.

The DIG is a well-made 2-D point-and-click character-walker like the King’s Quests, but on an alien planet.

Sorry that all these are so old.

I was obsessed as a child with The Journeyman Project.
I STILL have that first doorway entry code memorized.
6894895 :smiley:

Yahtzee’s John DeFoe series is quite good

here I’ll pull up the links:

Part 1: 5 Days a Stranger

Part 2: 7 Days a Skeptic

Part 3: Trilby’s Notes

Part 4: 6 Days a Sacrifice

They’re story based horror classic style PC adventure games.

Anyone ever heard of system shock? Or the Cube engine. Saurbaten or something. I play those more often than my 360, but I play WoW the most. Anyone ever heard of that? XDDD

Sauerbraten yeah. I made a post about it a while back.

I never finished System Shock 2, it freaked me out too much. Probably still would. Sauerbraten is excellent, I love the in-game editing system, it’s brilliant!

Indigo Prophecy. Got it off of Steam a couple months ago. One of the best games I’ve ever played.

And where could someone get System Shock?

The pirate bay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not any more, most of their trackers are effed up, issue being that the new owners intend to turn it into a ligitimate site now, also yay for banner ads in french >_>

I just finished playing Indigo Prophesy. The game was fun and had an interesting story AT FIRST, but then it got weird, dumb and repetitive. Like playing two Simon Says electronic games at once. I would still recommend it though.

Whoa! I can’t believe it! As soon as I saw the title of this topic, The Journeyman Project popped into my head. And whaddya know? That’s the first thing brought up here.

I remember my dad and brethren playing it back in the nineties, but I was a bit young to comprehend it still, so it just remained an obscure memory. Then we dug it up again in 2006, and I developed a near-obsession with it. I ended up getting the other two in the series. In my mind, they’re the only video games to rival the Metroid and Zelda series.

I never memorized the TSA entry code. The first time through, my brother and I decided to decipher it on our own. We heard a lot of “Incorrect code entered. Access denied.”

It should be noted that I didn’t enjoy the third that much. It was too stargate-y.

I guess I’ll also mention the Guardian Legend. That may have been the best game for the NES.