Hey, thanks. Have ye any suggestions on what could be done to the sprites to improve them?

P.S.I have updated the spritesheet since the one on that site, so whatever you suggest might’ve already been done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. Eliminate the borders. Don’t forget to shade the sprites too. They could be more detailed also.

By “eliminate the borders”, you mean to take away the outline? Nope. On sprites like this, which are meant to look cartoony like Zero Mission’s sprites, outlines are good.

They have been shaded.

More details have been added since the sheet on the site, and should be up on the webby later tonight if possible.

What I mean by shading is using a more varied palette. Each model seems to only have one color in an area.
And what is this, Metroid: Negative One Mission?

Check now, updated sprites page. That more what you were thinking of?

“Negative One Mission…” Nah. Genesis is better. :slight_smile:

Heck yes. Put more contrast in the Gravity Suit sprites though.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for not being rude! :slight_smile: I’ll post next time we have an update.

Well, it’s been a while since we posted in here, and a lot has happened.

1. Made 7MGP converter
2. Made GenTile, the map editor
3. Made TONS of sprites

It’s been almost a year, and people say we need some publicity, so I’m bringing this back from the grave again.

We have many more new sprites. (Nothing compares to that “TONS” in the last post I made in here, unfortunately. :slight_smile:)
We have several more programs, more features in old programs, and more optimization in all of them than we had before.
We have also been drawing some concept art for cutscenes.
We recently attained a musician. (A new audio section will be added to the site soon. He’s done two songs so far.)

So, this was a pretty good topic way back when it began. (All of 8 people posted in it!) Now that there’s a good amount of stuff ready for the game, why don’t we make it a bit bigger? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m going to go spend about a week at 058’s house, starting on the 15th. We’ll probably do a bit of work while together, though we’ll mostly be having fun with things like movies and playing games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eleven days. :smiley:

We already had a musician, Mason, he just got lazy and only did one song. :stuck_out_tongue: So now we have, I suppose, one and a half, and I might be able to persuade our half to make more.

So, people–ask questions about Genesis, post comments, insult us, whatever you feel like doing, just keep the topic living. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have some graphics to show?

Go to the website and click on ‘sprites’, you’ll see all of the graphical work we’ve completed.

lol, its like the drizzt books that go back to his homeland and such, make sure that you do this good, otherwise samus/drizzt fans will destroy/mangle/hang/shoot/or strangle you in ways you have never imaged before…

Not sure how fans of the Forgotten Realms figure into this equasion…but I’m fairly sure we can please the Metroid fans.

Hey -058-(joe)I made a texture for Genesis, Mason says that the beinging is going to be 3D, so I made a texture and gave it to him :smiley:, he said something about the begining being 3D (><)

sorry…my forgotten realms geekiness has gone to far, anyways, should be able to please fans!

hope all goes well, if you ever need any help, let me know!

1.if the story is supposed to be baised on the canon info.
K2-l wasn’t on zebes.
The chozo orriginally visited K-2L to get help to fight metroids.
samus had a surviving bunny pet who stole her backpack.thats how they met.
Samus’s suit orriginally couldn’t use gravity,plasma beam,or space jump.

If you’re basing that on the Metroid Manga–which is sounds like you are–that isn’t canon.

hey wait… i thought this was a year old? WHO RESSURECTED THIS TOPIC!?!

no offence, but thats not very many sprites… work harder. work faster. work smarter. meh i guess thats all i can come up with at the moment.

Fangame topics cannot die as long as the project is in progress. I resurrected it twice, the first time resulting in no posts. Regardless, both were for updates on the game. Heck, I even did some work on it yesterday.

Got_Metroid??? has a little more work planned, I believe. I’ll poke him. As for 058, I’m not sure what he plans on doing. And I make sprites when I have time, am in the mood, and have a sprite chosen.