Got a Scam Email

I just got a scam email from a charming fellow named Jerry Ntai:

“Although you might be apprehensive about my email as we have not met before, My name is Mr.Jerry Ntai, Head of Operation Mevas Bank,here in Hong Kong. I have a secured business proposal in the tune of $21.5million for you to handle with me from my bank, If ineterested, Kindly get back to me with your full contact info for more details of this operation.”

Now I’m wondering, should I just delete this and forget about it? Or should I try having some fun with Mr. Ntai?

Tell him you’re gay and you love trying to pronounce his name because it makes you happy.

i love how the scam misspelled interested, i fucking loled

Lol try to scam him. I would lol so hard if you pulled it off.

You should make a threat to cut his balls off.

You know most of those are just robots right…?

yeah daz is right
I respond to scammers sometimes but it rarely results in anything