Guitar hero Ds

Ok, as I’m sure you all know, Guitar hero is comming to ds.
Seriously, what is up with that? I mean, yeah it would kinda be cool to be able to play it on the road, but…using the touch screen as the strummer and wammy bar? I dont think thats a good idea. I like the ‘click’, and without it, I would keep thinking that I had missed…
Also, why is there no SD import of songs? That would be awsome, why couldn’t they add a SD card slot into the guitar attachment? It could run through the songs at half speed or so, and let you finger what should be played, then when you play through, it would run at normal rate.

I’m guessing nobody cares about this then?…20102340806.jpg
^that’s how the game works

That looks awkward. :confused:

So you hold the DS facing away from you with one hand underneath, fingers on the pads, and strum with the other hand? My wrist hurts just thinking about it.

Wait, only four buttons?!! But the fifth is what makes it fun! D:

I missed this thread somehow.

But yes, it is wacky, and looks really easy/boring/not worth buying.

  1. No more blasting music really loud.
  2. No more getting into it, since when you move your fingers, the screen will wobble, and mess things up.
  3. No more click. That click really does make the game.
  4. There’s no combination of 4 fingers that I can’t pull off…

How would you do expert without a fifth button? :confused:

Maybe like speed up the song or something and make the entire screen covered in notes. :sweat:

I’d think it be more of a challenge trying to strum with a freaking stylus, your hand would be sliding all over the place.

Good god, I can barely play normal Guitar Hero without getting carpal tunnel…Just looking at that picture makes me want to cut off my arms to resist the temptation of playing GH anywhere.

I agree with pretty much everything said. They’re taking it to far.

And if you hook it up to speakers you can blast really loud. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Kinda defeats the purpose of portability though…

holy fail
for one thing wheres orange, and for another that wouldn’t work on a model 1 DS
ps im actually surprised that the internet filter dodn’t block that image

i got an email from nintendo bout this (monthly thing)
and it looks ridiculous. but im not gonna lie its tempting. the idea of playing guitar hero anywhere… @_@
i could see it being really inaccurate with the sliding instead of strumming. and no orange button… would be boring.

ROFL, that’s fucking rediculous, do I need to quote everyone for this?

So… I’m in the minority, I take it. Personally, I think it looks like a lot of fun, and has a fairly good tracklist.

The commercial, though… oh, was that ever terrible…

With me, it’s all about price.
I don’t own any guitar hero games, so if this one is to much, I’ll go with GH3 on Wii.
Specially since there are only 20 songs on this one. >.>

Oh, in case anyone didn’t know the commercial I refered to…

Watch at your own risk. It may very well cause brain damage. <_<

Huh. Go fig. This is actually a lot of fun. >_>

Anyone else picked it up yet?

Though it is a bit heavy on the wrist at times. X_X

After seeing that commercial, I think I’ll stay far away, thank you very much.

Suit yourself, I suppose. It plays pretty damn well, though–and I honestly prefer the pick-stylus to the little flippy bar thing.

Though I miss the orange fret.

But… how do you turn it up loud, and jump around the room vastly exaggerating your strums D: