Happy B-Day Troid 92!

I know making a topic for one member’s birthday isn’t the best topic, but I think Troid 92 deserves all of our thanks for all his hard work, wether it’s his administrating, spriting, MIDIing or organising huge lists for us, he keeps this project going, maybe not alone, but he sure as hell puts alot of effort into it. So Happy birthday Troid92, and keep on working as hard as you do!

I love you, Troid92! I love you even more because your birthday is 4 days before mine! :smiley:

who’s troid?

lol jk. happy birthday!!

Happy B-Day Troid! You’re a great admin, and I hope that whatever you’re doing to celebrate gives you warm fuzzy feelings inside! Seriously though, have fun with what’s left with your B-Day.

<3 Troidy!

As a belated birthday gift, here. Have an executive order to implement the TIVNav environment explorer.


In all seriousness though, hell yeah. You’ve definitely been one of the biggest helps to this team, so I approve this topic despite the existence of a normal birthday topic.

happy birthday to youuuuuuu :smiley:>

Yeah. Happy birthday, Troid. From where I stand, you are a key member on the P2D team. I’m glad you’ve stuck with it.