Happy Thanksgiving all

Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving. Whoever sprites the Metroid turkey gets a cookie. :smiley:>

I wish I could…:frowning:
Stupid Mac.

I would, but I’m too lazy, plus I wanna see somebody else do it. :unamused:

Nice new profile, Rundas :stuck_out_tongue:.

I say someone ought to prepare a digital feast.

I got the turkey!

…somebody else can pluck it. I didn’t know turkeys could kick so hard…

That’s an ostrich.

i do believe Infinity just made a joke

a bad one? xD

lol, I dunno. The combination of Infinity and Zurg’s posts were pretty great XD

>_>…<_<…I’m eating that?

btw Thanks Saber! :smiley:

…great, a metroid got our turkey. Now we HAVE to eat the ostrich.

well crap.

Gtfo our Thanksgiving thread, you heathen Brit.

ok I’ll leave you to your silly holiday thing.

PY is completely welcome!!! I’ll eat the turkey, somebody else can take the jelly >_>

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving. I missed the massive rick roll. :frowning:

It’s okay Troid, your still welcome to the party, I’ll get some balloons, and my pet…thing >_>