Herpies acquired.

Have the big H. It sucks.

No one is playing fanfare for you.
Go home you infected creature.


Herpes doesn’t have an i. You could at least learn to spell your disease.

Since it’s obvious that you didn’t research it, I’m going to recommend you do so now. It’s an entirely harmless disease.

Harpies has an I, though.
…also, for those of you who didn’t notice, he posted another topic about Gonorrhea, which he copy-pasted here and swapped out gonorrhea for herpes and the big G for the big H. I almost wanna think someone got into his account, or he’s really bored <_<
Or he got both. Which could be related to being really bored and someone ‘getting into’ his ‘account.’

Edit: And, whatever the case, at this moment, I’m probably more bored than him.

its a copy +paste from flu…


anyway, to derail this topic even further…

i always wondered what the hell you were referring to when you typed touche… then i realized its french and actually touch?

I don’t have that key on my keyboard and I’m too lazy to google it and then copy/paste.
Sue me.

if you hit Alt, than E, the little thing pops up with a yellow box around it. Then you type a vowel, I think, and Viol?! Its done. See?

IP is the same as always… wtf, Dragon? :confused: