im unable to reply to topics, but can make new ones



Is that even possible?

I think something is going on (as noticed by the locked poll, when members can’t lock, and there is no moderation log of it…)

Hax maybe?

I dunno. Maybe your comp is just tweaking out, CMC.

I cannot reply to this topic… This is the only topic I have noticed with a problem though.

That topic is locked, and the one I was talking about.

Members can’t lock topics. No mods locked it. WTF?

Guy was probably a hacker.



Disturbing on so many levels…

Can’t members lock their own topics anymore?

They’ve never been able to.

Only team members get that. (and mods/admins, obviously)

No, I’m quite sure everyone used to be able to. I belive I’ve done it.

But I might be wrong…

Yeah, a long time ago I was able to do it. It must have changed shortly after I arrived though, because I only got to do it once.

Huh…wonder why it changed…

Hey Zurg, can you make it so that we can lock our own topics?

He’d need to check with people on that. I don’t ever start my own topics, because I have nothing interesting to say or any cool skills.

Start a music topic.

I elect that Zurg does exactly that, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want the ability to lock my own topics if I think the topic is stupid.

To true.