Hunter vs. Spartan, A Memoir

I would just like to sort of give a vigil to the longest topic I’ve ever seen on any forum. Yeah, I don’t get out much, but not even the Debate Topic, which is solely made for debating, didn’t get to 111 pages.

So this is sort of a Tribute to the Hunter vs. Spartan Topic. May it Rest In Peace.

P.S. I still think Samus would win :stuck_out_tongue:

i think halo is a pretty cool guy, eh shoots zombies and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Hooray for long topic.
It should be archived. And launched into space, so evil aliens will be afraid of our two superwarriors.

prety, Dee.

Also, memoir is a story about your life. You meant memorandum.

Also, the only reason it went so long is cause people just wouldn’t shut up about it and kept repeating the same points, even though Samus would obviously win.