I have a new sprite!

I don’t know if you have these already, but if you don’t then you’re goin’ to love this sprite!

unfortunately, I don’t know how to send in sprites (even if it might be very simple).

I have many other sprites, I just never knew what to do with them, so, just tell meh what ya need and I’ll surley have it!!!

Uh, ok. You go to Image Shack or some other hosting site, register, and upload the image. Then you have the image with a url. To post it, hit the IMG button when posting and put the url in it.

And please don’t double post.

Uh… is this even allowed to remain unlocked?
Anyways more elaboration:
1.) www.photobucket.com
2.) Create account
3.) Upload…
4.) Copy url (the one with the [img] bbcode)
5.) Paste
And again…
6.) Feel proud of yourself
7.) Get put down by Daz
8.) Bye bye!

O crap here comes Dazzy himself… This never happened understand?

Imageshack > Photobucket for sprite posting. PB resizes and blurs them like hell most of the time.

That’s because of the image size. You can change it from 256kb up to 1024kb in the preferences thingy.

Yes, but if he doesn’t even know how to upload something, he’s never gonna figure that out.

Whoa, whoa!

This isn’t your sprite? Be sure to say whose it is. If you don’t, I will eat you.

I think he meant “if you have a sprite for this already”. I think he made them…

I get it.

Can’t wait to see it, then :stuck_out_tongue:

taps foot…by the time he posts it, someone else would have done it.

…and…so what…jokes on him then.

I like imageshack better than Photobucket since they delete your image,sprites, etc.

Delete?? I havent had any of my photobucket material deleted yet.

Check your sprite thread.

so…um…how long does it take… :confused:

I think when he posts this sprite P2D will be complete…