In need of a programmer?

Hey guys, I’m a big fan of the 2D metroid games (I’ve never actually played any of the 3D ones), and I stumbled upon your forum a few days ago.

It seems like you could use an active programmer. Well I am a programmer, and I have a 2d side-scroller engine (written in python using pyOpenGl and pygame) that I’ve been working on for about a week. I stole/borrowed some sprites and tiles from super metroid and made a demo of the engine.
You can download the zip file here
To run it you will need to install python, pygame, and pyOpengl. I’ve put the installers for 32 bit windows (I think it should work on vista) in a folder in the zip called WindowsInstallers. Once you’ve installed all the dependencies run to see it in action, and run if you want to use the very buggy and limited MapEditor. All of this code is/will be open-source, and ideally it can be used in other for other 2d games.

Anyway, my plan right now is to continue developing the MapEditor until it is is fully featured, and then I’ll clean up the code since its pretty messy right now, and then if you guys are interested I could (and would like to) continue developing the engine specifically for P2D. Also, could you please let me know if you find any bugs.

I think that rapidshare put a restriction on the number of times that file can be downloaded. If anyone knows a better place to host it please let me know.

There’s already a team member working on the engine.

I wonder how that’s doing…
Glares at anyone who keeps in touch with CFX

It’s not doing. We can use you man. :slight_smile:


Walking down slopes seems to work properly now, and slopes can now be added through the mapeditor. I also changed the tileset, made a bigger map, and made the camera follow samus. I’ll upload the new codes sometime tommorow because its getting kind of late. In the meantime here is a screenshot of Samus running up some slopes.

One more thing, I saw the sprites that Rundas45 and Candy Man Criminal posted, they all look very good btw, and I was wondering if there is a list somewhere of all the graphics that have been completed with links to said graphics. I’m mostly interested in tilesets and backgrounds because I’m going to continue working on the mapeditor and finish the samus animations later (right now there is no animation for samus facing to the right or running to the right).

well thank you, we take pride in our spriting
as for a list
but no links to the graphics

I found a better place to host the files, and I added a scrolling background. The latest codes are available at

The installers for python, pygame, and pyopengl can be found at

Also, Candy Man Criminal, I am going to be animating samus’s movements soon and I was wondering if I could use the sprite sheet of the 03 that you provided here The sprite looks really cool, and its already nicely organized.

i have no objections