Internet connection

So I moved one and a half month ago and now I have faster and cheaper internet than before. That got me thinking: What do other people in other countries pay for their internet connection and what speeds do they have?

What kind of internet connection do you have? What speed do you have and how much does it cost?

I have a fiber connection.
I pay ~$19 /month.

I am so very jealous of Sweden’s internet infrastructure.



Mine is weaksauce.
Bad wi-fi connection hooked up to a fiber connection.
I think we’re still paying $35, but that contract expires soon.

Same as liks, I pay I think around the same because of savings through a cable bundle with Shaw. Although I can’t make the most of it on account of my router is shit.

You would be supprised why so many countries have faster internet. US ranks at the bottom not because of structure (we actually have in general a better one) but because of how many people use it, and how much area it covers.

That said, $40:

I was looking at Shaw, but at least in my area, the bandwidth cap for my budget is, like, 10 gigs a month. lolno.

~$30 my dad says.

That being said, Qwest sucks…

I get on average ~100-120 ms ping for game servers in the western USA… My other net connection had, on average, 30ms ping.

Before I moved Ihad 24/1Mbit ADSL, but I could only get ~14Mbit.
That’s what you get for living in the outskirts of a little town in the middle of nowhere.
I payed ~$30 for that.

I thought you would pay less for your internet connections than I do. :frowning:

Nope. From what I hear, European internet connections are much better than USA ones.

Except I’m in southern Alberta, the real capital of this country, its where all the oil business gets done, and has 2 of the 3 cities in the country with fiber optic Internet and you are in Manitoba as I recall, smack dab in the middle of nowheres-ville.

Result on bad router and wi-fi through several walls and the floor.

we pay for 100/100

and I’ve never run into any bandwidth limits either.

I wish I had a ping of 100 ms. Anytime I try any game online game where ping is an issue, it’s always reading at least 150 ms. Usually tops out at 240ish. This is probably the one and only reason I don’t play MMORPGs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what my school gets. Crazy, right?

But me? I pay about 80 or so for 20/5. Europe rules apparently.

US is actually towards the very far bottom of internet for industrialized countries. We just have too much ground to cover and too many people use it.

Japan is top, but look at how little land they have to cover, and on top of that, kids their typically don’t use the internet like we do. :O_O:

That and because things get destroyed there so often (Hiroshima anyone) they have the ability to start over with brand new technology.

BTW, there’s an add at the top right now selling $30 per month internet with DL speeds of 768KBPS-1MBPS.

Talk about rip off.

idk how much is paid o3o

I’ll disconnect the router before I run my next test.
I have a file and web server running and my girlfriend and her sister is downloading a bunch of torrents on their computers right now. :frowning:

They are playing 2 players on Xbox Live too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you.


seconded T3T