Is this PC worth the monies?

PC I’m looking at

I’m asking particularly Zurg since he seems to know a lot about PC’s, but is it worth my hard earned monies?


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Can you say Pwnt? Quad vs Dual, 250 vs 260, 500 GB vs 1 TB

thanks, I feel so good about the stores in my area :cry:

anyway, is it worth it to get the minus OS version for $840?

No no no no >_<
Power supply is horrible, only two sticks of ram (800 MHz no less), crappy intel motherboard, only dual core, only 500 GB hard drive.

It’s not a bad computer, but for $800, just go make your own.You could have a 750-800 watt power supply, a good motherboard, a nice looking case, etc etc etc.

Not a bad PC but not worth $1000. You’d be better off doing some reseach and purchasing all your hardware from NewEgg. That way you’d get everything you wanted and it’d probably cost less then a Pre-Built system as well.

Did ya’ll miss this post?

whole thing sucks

sucks sucks sucks

sucks to your ass-mar

That’s what I was gonna say.

Build your own, Syntax. It’s cheaper. Not to mention you get the parts you want, not factory regulated pieces of crap.

I’d normally recommend that, but it looks like he’s into the pre-built market.

Ah, I see.

All I know is that I custom built my PC way back in 2004 with my dad, and it can still compete with the average pre-built PC today. That, to me, is impressive.

But I’m planning on upgrading soon. Probably gonna build a gaming computer for my Senior Project next year.

It’s because THIS custom PC doesn’t work properly so I just want a pre-built something, besides hunting for all the stuff is a major pain, then I need to get my neighbor to assemble it and it all starts getting much more annoyingly complicated,

so yeah, about the OS free one for $200 less? is that worth it? I mean getting an x64 version of XP on this PC and burning the disk won’t be a problem.

I trust instructions (however vague) more than I trust my neighbor <_<

Edit: Wait, what doesn’t work properly? Are you sure it’s hardware and not software?

If you knew my neighbor you’d trust him to.

And I doubt it’s software because I’ve tried 3 different OSes and without exception the computer fails >_>

Trust Zurg and CMC. They helped me. Mostly CMC, but I’m going to build it mahshelf.

and i was taught by zurg, so yeah

Guess who taught him.

Edit: Lol CMC posted it. xD

How does it end up failing, though? It sounds like a hard drive issue to me at first glance.

Edit: And if it’s a hard drive issue, it could happen with ANY computer, prebuilt or no.

Heh, my dad taught me everything I know about computers. And he learned it from the books lol.

My Uncles, however, learned from my Grandpa. He was in the business back in the 60s. He actually created a computer company that manufactured transistors way back in the day. That’s pretty amazing, considering the fact that he’s kept with it and has a more modern machine than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I agree with Cloud. Details on problem, Syntax?

when i try to run anything more complected than WOW the computer crashes. There are games I can run on this old clunker and my other PC will crash if I mention their names to its processor >_>