it has come to my attention...

that i spend too much time here

LOL, its been all MY name in EVERY TOPIC before. Serious.

this happens like
twice a day

Yeah, its happened to me for periods of HOURS. (when I first joined) Oh speakin of, I’m an Elite Pirate.

yeah, i dont do much else but browse forums xD

Same here… I need to get a life. xD

also, it happend again!

Everything circled in red is a forum. xD

i have a bookmarked folder of 12 various forums i frequent

sorry, 11

trust me, I see that too, the only reason I’m rarely online any more is because I’m spending all of my free time playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition Fucking addictive game

Most of the whole weekend i spend my time on the computer doing p2d.