Lost Planet

So I recently got this game for my 360, the first thing I did (after learning how to play) was go online, and I knew that there was cross-platform playing but what I was (until then) unaware of was a con (if you want to call it that) that I was pointing about about GFWL (that is, gold being necessary for cross-platform) was actually non-existent

Now I’m not sure if you were able to decipher that but the gist is that GFWL is now totally free and all that Gold does is give you a prettyer banner on your gamercard so I encourage all of you to go get Lost Planet Colonies Edition, because god know the servers need more people who aren’t 1337 h4x0r people who have been playing the game since its original 06 launch

It’s pretty idiotic that one can’t download the colonies extension from XBL.
And I don’t want to buy an extra copy of the game just to get the extension.

Isn’t that painfully unfair?

The mouse is more accurate, so wouldn’t it give an incredible advantage?

I think that they have balanced the gameplay like developers of Shadowrun did.

…just curious, does balancing=assisted aiming?

actually its the way the aiming is handled that makes it balanced…and really who cares about balance when mirosoft has allowed xplatform for free on the PC

All the people that bought it for the 360? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here, Syntax.