Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


Of course I’m right, I’m a Tales fanboy >_>


lawl, i see it


Nice stuff Phlakes, looks good. I’d eat all of it if they were cakes.


That may be the greatest idea ever. Excuse me while I print these in sugar on cakes based on these.


I FINISHED IT. I KNOW YOU WERE ALL THINKING “Oh, no one’s gonna finish that challenge thing that Liks posted a long time ago”, but you know what? I FUCKING DID IT.

Everything in the pinkish-purple area is what I did a long time ago, evrything else is from this week. You can see how much I’ve improved.


Frankly, those legs look awful.

I do find this funny though, because just a week ago I did some more work on mine. xD


I object.




That’d be better with the accompanying music track.

That’s the one.



This started as a design for Outrider, but it turned out not to be in the right style.

Futuristic holographic sights.

I was bored and noticed that the only GMI logos in existence were 3D models.


The sights ought to be more translucent, though I guess that’s impossible without a background image.


Sorry to distract from Liks’ epic moon drawing, but does anyone happen to have that language I posted a while back? I lost it when my computer died and apparently it was automatically removed from Filefront. If it’s somewhere in one of your Downloads folders I would really appreciate it if you could put it back up somewhere.

And to make this post relevant-

I designed this to be a “program” made by spriters, for spriters. It would have everything essential to spriting while removing useless features like Paint’s airbrush or all of GIMP’s filters. An important feature is the palette system: you could create as many as you want with as many colors as you want, and pull up whatever one would be appropriate for your sprite, or make a new one if you need it.

The two missing things in the toolbox would be region and color selection, but I couldn’t think of icons for them.

Now don’t bother paying attention to this post, Liks’ moon is awesome on so many levels.


Needs transparency.
And animations.
And layers.

And a download.



and color swap

and who needs layers + transparency for sprites?

and yeah, i miss XP paint =/
they messed it up in 7


png supports semi-transparency… it could add a lot of niceness to sprites. I.E. anti-aliasing and crap.


Sprites should NEVER use semi transparency!

They should contain as few colors as possible and be saved as .gif images. :frowning:


I like leaving mine with transparent backgrounds.

Layers… are nice for any art. Period. Would work good with transparency for some awesome spriteness. :stuck_out_tongue:


if the renderer supports it (directx or w/e) and it adds eye candy shouldn’t it be used? Back in the day when you didn’t have image formats supporting semi-transparency, I understand why they would have only used well-defined somewhat jagged outlines, but those days are past. Can’t we accept the new technology given to us?


rightright, i forgot about semi transparency
forgive the derp, i’ve been awake since…



Can’t you just use masks when you program your game to achieve semi transparency?