Mario vs Bowser

Arguably, I think that Mario would win if the person at the controller doesn’t suck, and if it’s not one of those super hard SMB3 hacks. What do you think?

A plumber in red overalls vs a huge fire-breathing dinosaur-lizard-koopa thing.
Mario: Epic loose.

His overalls are blue… his shirt is red.

lol, wut?

Yes, his modern design is that way, but it originated the other way around, so that’s a legit comment. >_>

(and yes, that’s official art–from the original arcade Donkey Kong)

Bowser would win easily with his fire and claws.

Why is this even a topic?
it has been proven game after game after game that mario will win every time thay fight so why are we even arguing about this? :angry:

That’s what I was thinking…but seeing as how it’s Timmeh, it’s our duty to humor him and continue as if nothing strange happened. : )

If my plumber could slay a dragon, even after eating a couple mushrooms, I’d be a little suprised. >_>

It was intended to be taken as a parody of the other ____ vs _____ topics.

Why is the second set of underscores longer than the first?

Little late on that, Master of Ti…that’s why I made Jumpman vs. Swordsman…I was mocking the Hunter vs. Spartan…of course, everyone took it pretty seriously, and I was quite surprised.

I don’t even know why people thought that was a decent match-up…Mario would obviously win.

(P.S. Bowser does NOT take steroids. Seriously. He just naturally has mighty muscles…and very large pectorals…)

Cause I miscalculated. Sue me.

Gotcha. Got a lawyer?