Metroid Classic is back!

Hi all!

Just found this site. I have to admit, P2D is looking good!

Anyway, for those that don’t know me, I started Metroid Classic about 240 years ago…lol

Seriously, due to a lot of things happening in my life, Metroid Classic has been delayed a bunch.

The engine has come a LONG way. All DirectX, hardware enabled, 2D, alpha, scaling, etc. And it’s very VERY fast.

I have been working on an editor too…so, things are looking up.

Anyway, please forgive this obvious spam but I wanted to announce that it’s back on, I have a new forum home, and I welcome everyone.

In fact, I would be very interested in some cross-linking with the P2D guys if they are listening.


Metroid Classic Forums

I’m not sure, but I think this counts as forum advertising…

Fangame huh. So wheres the link to the demo, I will play it…

And on that note, should not all fangames require a demo in the first place? =/

Wow!!! But… you know Nintendo really had the right to sue you. You pretty much made a ROM without the requirement of an Emulator