Metroid Co-op Online

Hey guys,

I’m making a co-op metroid game with gamemaker(since juli the 5th)… my progress is going very well! basic movement and weapons work. and not much lag with the gameplay!

i don’t have a demo yet… but there will be one soon (well a demo to test the movement and to find some bugs to fix! :stuck_out_tongue:)

my website is: and i hope you guys come and watch every now and than… made some pretty cool progress the past few days!

(ill just post the pictures i have on the website… still working on more pictures!! :smiley:)
for now i use sprites from MZM for the weapons but when i got the time to make my own sprites i will do that! (because i want to use my own stuff!)

This was a test for spacejump… it works very well… (im going to use Super metroid like spacejump… i liked that one!)

Still working on Speedbooster… it has a few small issues but they will be worked out soon!

Today i made a new kind of rocket, a cluster rocket… when it explodes it spawns small clusters that explode too (like in worms 2!!! everybody knows worms 2!!)

Thanks for reading this topic… and hope to see you on the site soon! :smiley:


Man that’s great! Your project looks very promising, I like the fact you’re using custom Samus sprites and added some new abilities! Btw what this game is about? And is there any exact deadline? Will be waiting for demo anyway. Cheers man and good luck on your project - seeing what have you done already gives me a feeling you’ll make a demo very soon, and it will be a good demo! :wink:

Thanks, i sure hope it will be as good as you think it will be…
hmm yea i got a list of things todo before the release… and need to fix up allot of the code… since everytime i add something… i break something hahaha!

but it will be allright! keep an eye on the site/updates when i know a date ill post it there… but the first demo will be movement and shooting only… just to see how other people experience it… (lag and such)

after that i’m going to create a real full demo :smiley:.
and now for your questions

  • What is the game about
    o well im not sure yet what the story will be like… i heard much of ideas… i might put up a topic for it in the ideabox :smiley:… the engine was important for me :wink:

  • is there any deadline?
    o no there isn’t… it is a game i’m going to use for personal use… but i will release it for people who are interested in the game… it will be done but i don’t know when…yet :wink:

thanks for your kind reply :smiley: