Metroid in Motion DVD

Hi everyone, I’ve been searching for months now to find a Metroid in Motion DVD. This is a relatively professionally done DVD of all things Metroid including American and European TV spots and Speed runs. It was done by Andrew Mills of Gamerguides. I have been in contact with him and he no longer makes them. There were 2 DVDs and another “Symphony” that was all the MEtroid music. Is there anyone on this forum who has any idea where I could find a copy? I was directed by Andrew to the Metroid 2002 forum and a user there directed me here. Any assistance would be soooooo appreciated. Thanks

Very good question… I was meaning to get my hands on some a while ago as well. Lemme see what I can dig up.

Great, I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about! My son and I (he’s 5) are going nuts trying to find this.

Yeah, with SCU down, they might be hard to find. Have you tried eBay and such?

I looked everywhere, and I found a person who owns it, but that’s about the extent of my luck… unless you convinced someone to upload the entire thing or burn and mail it to you, I don’t think you’re going to be able to get it :frowning:

well, assuming nobody is actually selling them, an upload would be nice :3

Yeah I’m working on that as well. Ebay doesn’t have anything by the way

I really hope no one gets upset that I have bumped such an old thread. Please hear me out.

Years ago I bought both DVD’s for my wife for Christmas because she loved the vids from the website at Later we found out the website was shut down, and now the videos are no longer available or for sale.

I still have the DVD’s and my wife still enjoys them. It would seem that some here would like to have access to these.

Is there a way I could assist in this? Does anyone know how to contact the guy who made these DVD’s? Let’s see if we can get something going to preserve this metroid treasure!!


Your best bet for preserving these would be to rip the files or an iso and distribute that way.

I doubt anyone here has a way to communicate with the creator though.

I’ve spent two hours this morning trying to figure out how to rip the videos to post on youtube, or how to create an ISO. I’ve tried VirtualDub, VLC player, and something I found called DVDfab.

No success so far. Anyone have any suggestions?

Google iso ripper and post that here. I can manage the youtube posting.