Metroid Marathon starting Friday 8th October

The 8th October this week, there will be a Metroid marathon held by me and a few friends. Other M will be played through, there will be some Metroid Prime playing and I will be taking challenges from the viewers in SSBB.
Any viewer is welcome, I’m currently working on getting the best donation way for a charity, I will play longer if you donate (plus that you feel good about helping other people :smiley:).

There will be a post about the marathon at the 8th October, along with the stream for you to watch, so please go over there and take a look at given date (if the link doesn’t work, just type into your browser). All footage will be streamed directly from the TV in my living room, there will also be a chat and audio guests coming. The marathon will last for about 24-36 hours, depending on how many donations I get. Gather around and enjoy dear Metroid fans :smiley: Questions can be posted here.