Metroid Omega

This whole thread is just… pathetic. Spam, double posting, off-topic discussion, general conversation…

Enough. One more post like that and it’s locked, got it?

i have made some of samus spirates of my own and i am going to scan them to the computer soon.

Scan them, do you mean you drew you sprites? That would be rather odd…

Maybe he meant upload or something… or they coulda been transfered from another computer…

i draw better with hand than mouse. they look good for the game.

Is this game really going anywhere?
not to be rude but it seems your just making
everything up as you go along.

… That is the worst idea ever. You can’t use hand-drawn scanned sprites!

that for right now until i can get the Paintshoppro 7 on the computer. the image is just what the varia suit will look like when it is done

Why bother with PSP7? Real spriters use Paint :stuck_out_tongue:

i have adobe illestrator but i don’t now how to use it.

Did I say Adobe Illustrator? I said to use Paint.

The only thing I use Photoshop for is editing sprite colors. Otherwise, Daz is right. Spriters use Paint.

And I’m confused about this topic? What, exactly, do you want? Where do you need help? What are you using to make the game? C++? GameMaker? GameFactory?

i’am using game maker to make it.

Paint is easier to make sprites with, I used it to make my robot creature under my sprites. I’m not sure you can do that with photoshop.

i had it i’am working on Metroid Omega myself i make it better than prime 2D. if anyone want to help me please do i not asking for help and thank Emperor Ing for helping.

Gonna piss off a lot of people saying that without anything to back it. It’s you and Emperor Ing doing this as far as we know.

Let’s see. It has terrible “sprites”, the creator’s typing skills make him seem like a mentally deficient monkey, the story is practically nonexistant, you have parts of the game taking place on a planet that no longer exists…

And it’s a two-man project…?

Sounds doomed to fail from the start.

And then you have the nerve to say it’ll be better than one made by a team of several dozen people working for years with a tried-and-true formula?

Pardon me, but…


what make you think its doomed to fail i have a lot of friends helping me.

and the new vaira suit spirate is ready to look at see what you think about it.