metroid plushies and hats. :D

I want one soooooo bad. :frowning:

youre welcome <_<

har har I want one

imma make a BIIIIG one
a medium one
and a little one

and a hat :3

I want like 40 of different sizes to hang from my ceiling.

this +13million

Also cocks.

i lol’d


THAT is epic

Guess what guys… I’m actually getting one. :smiley:

Small one and a hat.

im actually gunna make mine


I’m actually pregnant.
I should get one tho >_>

you can be PREGGOBOY

Lol to Tim, and I’mma make one sometime…

Looks cool.

Also with the news story,


I made one a while ago with a red sock and green sock.
I just cut out three circles in the green one for the brains, stutfed the red one inside, filled it with cotton, and sewed them shut. It was great for the week I had it, until my dog got ahold of it. (Metroids secretly have two weaknesses. Cold, and dogs.)


get one

i lol’d

that was the point =D

i had quite the laughing fit while i was posting it xD

To top this off; a very very good Samus Aran cosplay.

Yes please!…s_cosplay_g.php