Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse

Yeah, its excelent :slight_smile:

BTW can the skins be photoshopped? becuase if they gotta be sprited then it wont worth it…

And that beam needs huge of work…

Ya, I know. :blush:

Looks like a cool game, but if you are going to make a 3d game i think you should try 3D Game Studio. I have it and it is kinda cool.

Or you can download a 3D engine for Game Maker 6 called irrlicht(yeah, it’s a weird name isn’t it.) here the link: Click me!
Here’s tutorials for it and other info at:
It’s a free and really great 3D engine :astonished:
although if your not familiar with programing in game maker, it’s not a good idea to use it.
EDIT: For some reason the “click me” link doesn’t work. Try going here and downloading it:

Iv’e just played this game and I thought WOW THIS IS AWESOME!!! and I have had alot of questions.
#1:So this isn’t a direct translation of super metroid in 3d?

#2:Does this game even have anything to do with super metroid? if not than you should add scan visor and diffrent visors and if it is you should still add the visors.
Ive always wanted to scan kraid in 3d!!!

The real question: can i help! I can do sprites and some skys with photo shop, but not much more ufortunatly. but still ill be working alot, alot really I mean it alot.
Also, Can I sprite kraid please, please, please!!! KRAID IN 3D, YEAH!!!

I take it you like kraid? :laughing:
Is this gun better?

yes it looks a heckuva lot better ad im here to help all i need if modif and ill make a map and also, will this game have a Z axis of just X and Y either way ill be able to help with A.I. beta testing and maps i excel at maps but i can help with the other two also
and i found a entrance to nulllspace in the dark area-the crateria caves i belive-and alsoi figured out theres NO z axis having a didnt fall i nullspace,or it registers as ground

Same questions here…

Zach, cant you do it photoshopped? it would look much better. Remember this is 3d!

me no haz fotoshope :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

i can help out with the maps and testing too i found out inner workings of mp/mp2 m1 m2 m3 m4/mzm so i understand them all

M1:most people have figured it out my now but heres what i found out on my own
the map data is a large array of hex numbers like say a part of it looks like this:
0E 11 11 11 11 11 11 F3 and in the game would be

0E 11 11 11 11 11 11 F3

which is a corridor

and also the password system uses a base 40(i think)22(the last two are the checksum) character code s if you had a password you can decode in a way like mine
14_??A0 242DD!
if 14
??A0,242DD! gave you the ice beam with the wave sprite bombs the maru mari and 235 missles them you’d have those items
if GDER?? meant you’ve been playing for 5:23 then you will have that
if _24D meant you were in brinstar you’d start there
DD is the checksum,it was made to prevent cheating

M2:its very similar to M1’s engine but it also has new features:rooms that scroll left,right,up,and down and also its stored much differently(why i have yet to know)instead in the way you would veiw it as a regular map you get somthing entirley different then that like on one side of the map there’s the ship but the next room you have the spazer beam room also it features battery save but a belive it saves it in a format similar to metroid’s password

M3:this one is still slightly similar but each sector(block on the map)has its own room and the enemies are like cut and paste(in metroid 1 they are considered part of the room with a dammage trigger(horizontal rooms have a damage trigger at the bottom of them[the lava doesnt have clipping or a damage trigger{the bottom of the room has clipping}])but when you ener a liquid it checks your suits that are active and the type of liquid but no matter what firewater will damage you always but lava samus can swim in perfectly if she has the gravity.

M4/MZM:they are pretty much m3’s engine with slight differeces that doesnt affect anything

MP/MP2:now this is where i got down and dirty with(no not THAT dirty)this game constanly checks if a door is shot,if so if loads the room it connects to(its not considered shot if it bounced off)and then opens the door it connects to also the camera isnt at samus’ head but rather somewhat above the arm cannon also the body’s model is not attached to the arm cannon.also because a room can take up a lot of load time they have “load corridors” they are long corridors with enemies to slow you down to prevent crashing and also to slow you down more there might be new enemies for you to scan also and the reason there’s cut scenes on the elevator is to load the elevator room,if cut it short it crashes.

so,can i also beta test for the game as well as make the maps? :smiley:
EDIT:whistlesthat was a ton of text,took me bout 30 min to type and a year to figure them out

That was very informative thank you.

Zachtroid, your gun is aiming up :laughing: . And yes, use programs like photoshop for all the graphics, unless you’re really good with texture and detail in paint. But whatever you do, NO BMP’S OR JPG’S. Those are the two worst image file types ever.

Mp2:E, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to use that engine for my games, even though it’s a million times better than my current engine. It’s too big for me to even hope to get… And I have to go now. I’ll probably just redo this game in C++.

Irrlicht is avalible for C++…

I’m out then because I’m good with spriting for games like metroid 3.

so anyway,am i in

So, is this project over, or what?

Maybe it isn’t over, just it’s spawned with the lack of updates most fangames have.

Yeah, I sure hope it’s not dead. This looks like a great fangame.

I find it incredibly ironic that a 3d game is this person’s first fangame. :smirks:

I’d just like to add some comments on the downloadable demo. I don’t know if you improved the engine in the online demo, but you need to be able to move a little faster, and the Power Beam shots could move faster too.

You said earlier that you’re redoing the game engine in C++, so you may already be doing this. Other than the engine speed, just adding in a “walking effect” would do the trick. I don’t see anything else that is wrong with the engine.

(I know you’ll have to add something like Visor and Beam switching, but that’s beside the point. :laughing: )