Metroid RPG




hell yeah?


I thought about it, but it’d just be better turn based. That really doesn’t fit as well…

The first Mockup, yay. Platforms were made specifically for Mockup. There probably wont be platforms in actual battle. Oh well.

it reminds me of xenosaga

Well, when I looked at this and said “Oh wow, that’s nothing but epic fail,” I was wrong.

Looks good, Phlake. That mockup made me rethink my opinion of this project. Looks very good.

Thanks. But progress will be very slow.

Well, that’s understandable. However, if I get the time (in other words, when I’m too bored for words, and remember your project), I’ll try to contribute in some form or another.

so very much like Xenosaga…episode 1 to be precise

anyway those keys will be customizable…right? menacing leer

Yep. All of the controls will be customizable.

Looks good Phlake. Nice mockup too. Should be interesting. Want me to make some music for it? I’ll do what I can, just give me and Idea, or a clip of you singing what you want it to sound like. remember, I work for free. No credit needed even.