Metroid SR388 What Happened?

Hi all,
just skimming and clearing up all my bookmarks and came across a link for Metroid SR338, about a year ago i used to check on their progress all the time and now i can’t even find the message boards any help would be great.

I don’t know, maybe Von ran out of money or something…

I think they’re working on it in private…

I’m thinking he saw AM2R’s progress and gave up.

What’s AM2R ?

AM2R and Metroid: SR388 were supposed to be entirely different projects. Metroid: SR388 wasn’t actually a Metroid 2 remake.

It’s being worked on, and yes, it’s in private. Don’t ask how I know, I’m not telling.

Zurg you know you want 2… :laughing:

no, he probably doesn’t >_>

True Fax.