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Hello, first of all i wanna tell who i am since im quite new to the forums. im Mick from the netherlands… love to play/make games… at work im a chef…and thats about it haha!

in this topic ill be posting some of my work…
my Current Project is Metroid Co-op Online.
Website will be up in a few days.

i do need some help with these i just started making them (well 2 hours ago hahaha)
i used the nintendo samus as base (since i want to use that one)
i need some suggesting with the colors/shading… i tought i did pretty good… but its not the best!
its only a start…

How i work:

  • First i make the full sheet with basic colors
  • When all the animations are done i add shading and FX (like lights on samus n such)

o I do take suggestions… and people may give a preview on how i COULD do it…
o Feedback is welcome! C&C are too!
o These sprites are for my Metroid Co-op Online game

thanks :smiley:


  • Tue 9:45 PM: i made new progress there are only 12 sprites left for me to make…
    ill be making hanging, walljumping and speedbooster sprites later… because they are notyet needed :smiley:

I’m very impressed by this after seeing some other new members’ sprite topics.

The only problems I can see are that there is barely any shading on the cannon ans Samus’ back. It could probably use a bit more contrast, too.

Thank you, i like the feedback… ill work on the armor shades then…

i update the picture every now and then… so check back in a few hours i might have added some new animations!! :smiley:


ps, in my avatar that is my old samus i made… im redoing the sheet because the old animations where to cheap :stuck_out_tongue: (like 4 frames or so xD!!!)

hmm screw attack and the fusion suit samus is done by nintendo… don’t want to make them myself… they would look quite the same… so ill do it like this :stuck_out_tongue:

i did allot of progress today :smiley: hope to finish the last animations tomorrow (just 25 animations left… Q_Q hahaha)
i made a tileset(well a start) too ill post it later…

This is a test with the new tileset… (old engine…)


a bit for my friends,

im working on the zerosuit sheet right now… first making a basic body for her… and i think i did pretty well :astonished:

ENLARGED version of the picture… 32 x 48 maximum

C&C is welcome, please it you know how to do it better, show it to me with an example! thanks.

That sheet looks like an edited splice: cut/paste off M1 torso and MZM legs (and the MZM Samus helmet and head) which you shaded after. Overall the sprites look very awkward in terms of stance due to the big head and the very short arms in comparison with the legs. Try and make some parts bigger (such as the feet and the kneepads, for example) to gain a balance.
The new icons are strangely recoloured in my opinion, try and stick in a shade or two extra everywhere and mess with the colours. Dithering doesn’t work very well on very small sprites, so add a colour instead.
The tiles lack contrast and variety. That brown is quite saturated, why not try something with a bit less saturation and a bit more blue/green?

Anyway, I’m not being harsh, I’m just stating what I can see and trying to help you out. Good luck, keep posting!
Reminds me of when I started spriting ^^’

Looks like another Mega Man edit.


the sprites of the armored samus are indeed the NES 8-bit themed ones… no i didn’t use them but i used them as a reference…

the icons are indeed from super metroid, i needed some temp hud icons to make my hud work (since i use my sprites to make my game… im doing it alone so i dont have much time to do the sprites myself for version 1… ill be doing them 1 by 1 later!)

the zero suit samus is really a tryout… i heard she was to fat so im going to give her some more detail…

it will be better later…
it’s my 2nd week of spriting now… and i need help on the shaders… so don’t blame me…

so, yes the samus varia is indeed like metroid 1 since it was metroid 1 themed…
and the zero suit is just a tryout
icons are temp, just to see if my hud is working… -_-’

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

ps. this is the normal size of the pic.

Hey guys, im here again with a new update…
didn’t do much the last 2 days… since i had to work allot :frowning: im chef irl… so allot of work not very much of free time hahaha!

but still i got the crappy recolored supermetroid hud thingies to work :smiley: they look pretty cool ingame… i think im even keeping them if i don’t come up with some replacement!

ya know, i was SO bored that i remade World 1-1 of supermario bros into my game as Debug map hahaha!

so ill be posting 2 screenshots now :smiley:

(This is sparta? no way! this is SMB1!!!)

Zoomers are taking over goombas? why? goombas rock too :astonished:

I got the minimap working aswel… well just a little bit but it updates allright so there is only 1 small thing left to fix it i guess… a map!

im starting to learn how starting cutscenes work… so i might have one when i release my first beta… im not sure… the movement of the characters is good.
the gun position needs allot of work (most of the time its right of me… xD!! need to redo that one!)
and updates from client to server and back… so if i kill a mob on the client side it dies on the server side aswell (that doesnt work yet) alltough the 2player animations and gameplay is very good… no lag at all!!

pff… see here i go again… writing big stories in “my kind” of english wich noone would understand… but… it makes me feel better!! :stuck_out_tongue: haha… no serious im sorry about that!

hope to post some new updates soon!
people are welcome to provide sprites if they like, enemys bosses… costum mades are welcome too… if they look good … ill use them.

but, im not very good in putting lose parts together in the code so be sure you make full animations… thanks!

untill next time, take care of yourself and each others… fkn jerry springer! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha pretty funny: samus running around in a mario map :smiley:

keep up the good work i’ll be sure to play this when it comes out :]

Thanks, there is just a small list left before i release a test version so people can test the online play… i fixed a few bugs today that where a real pain in the *** :stuck_out_tongue:

but it works!
ill be posting more updates soon… i’m thinking about going trough old 8bit games that got new textures n such… to get items…

i don’t know yet… i wanna do co-op (that works ingame allready) but i have to have more ideas to make this game work :stuck_out_tongue:

do you guys got an idea?

o enter different games and defeat bosses for items and more…
o common keep it metroid
o other (tell me your idea)

updates soon!

http://metroid.mickgeerts.nl/ building my site here, more info on it soon!