Movie Discussion


What are some movies you’ve seen recently? What are your thoughts?

I’ll go ahead and start! The last movie I saw was…
…It was the Emoji Movie. That’s embarrassing. It was on in the background and I was half-paying attention. That doesn’t count, right? Right?

The last one I saw in theaters was the new Jumanji (2017). And I was pleasantly surprised! Of course it was vastly different in tone and style from the original Jumanji, but I was quite entertained. Fun movie to see with friends and family.


Last I saw was Black Panther, not a perfect movie but I enjoyed it quite a bit.


I saw Rogue One a few days before Christmas. It was great.
I really have not been watching any movies lately. I’ve had Netflix running just to have people talking when I’m tired and working but that is more like listening to movies. :confused:


me, my dad, and my brother binge watched all 3 lord of the rings movies - the extended editions. it took all day. worth it.


Rewatched The Thing(1982) fairly recently. Still an excellent movie. If anyone is into psychological horror I highly recommend it. Amazing how well the movie holds up today.


it’s not a film but the netflix series: A series of Unfortunate Events is pretty great


Saw it a while back, found it omega depressing and stopped watching it. Well made though.