My Computer

bluescreens every time I plug in a USB device (like my fucking ipod) and when I insert a disk…help?

Sounds like a bad driver. Get a new one.

which driver?

like mobo…or disk drive?

USB drivers. >_>

Google. Can’t help you since I don’t know what OS you are running.

Though I’m not sure you can download them. It’s probably a software issue (reinstall windows) if not it’s hardware and you need a new computer.

that would suck since this is a laptop, and I’m running vista, and I fail to see how that would fix the disk drive problem…so should I start backing up my anime collection in preparation for a reformat?


Yeah, back everything up… that’s the only thing I can think of.

write down the BSOD message

When i read this topic title i was liek

I just tried to like that comment

well I fixed it by resetting the BIOS, which was a course of action suggested by my neighbour, must have been a conflict of some kind, odd because I’ve never fucked with it once, perhaps the BIOS fairies like fucking with me or something