My random art!!!!


the last one i made it when i was five…

anyways, enjoy! :smiley:>

The last one is the only one with any artistic taste to it <_<

The second one looks like something, that I don’t want to give a name to.

Otherwise, nice art. Steals it

OH I SEE IT’S A CUP… no wait, that’s just a blob of red. >_< Never was one for “abstract art”.

Btw, Rewrite, I lol’d.

I remember playing with Paint when I was in Kindergarten… I had the $2000 Dell XPS when Win 98 was new… I remember having '98 til XP was out for a while… ahhh… memories.

the blue one reminds me of the maps in starfox command ^-^

the last one is a duck in another universe… eating.

lol yeah… i noticed that…

other than that, i really dont like it… im not an abstract fan, either… just never clung to me.

This isn’t abstract, it’s blobs of color <_<

I’m surprised no one’s come out there to tell him how… not art this “art” is.

The first and second ones aren’t too inartistic. If you just smooth the edges around to get rid of the “sketchy” look and tweak some things, they could make some nice… plain backgrounds. <_<

They look like plan background that you see in window media player or close to it,
but they need work.