Naeked gril

any of u guys been to the mall/? anywasy i was walkin and saw some ht cat walking through the mall so i dicided to follow her an dna yways she walked in jc penies and then went inside the chnigng room after geting some cloths to tri on and i sneaked in ther with her and i saw a little some some lol. its easy jst like have a camera an put the camerrsa by the door easy as pie lol i owonder why ths isnt illigel =p

any of u have any sexy mal storesis?

Yeah man, one time I was at a hardware store, and I saw one.

I was having sex with your mom, and I looked under the covers, and I was like SHAP SHOOP, THAT’S SHIPSHAPE!

Cause she was naked.

You had sex with a naked woman?!!