Ncfc 2013

Hey guys!

Have you heard of the…
Nintendo Community Fangame Convention

It is a virtual convention with many livestreams and other events, and each year there are tons of fangame “booths” in different game categories. Definitely check out the previous years’ sites listed on the side, because there are many fantastic fangames to try out through the years, including famous Metroid ones you’ve heard of!

This is the first year that the Prime 2D community has something to offer, so I am wondering: do we want to put together a Defend Your Flaahgra booth?
I certainly think so! It would spread word of the P2D project to a larger audience and that can only be a good thing.

I’m not 100% sure of what kind of work we’d have to do to put together a booth, but it is basically a sales pitch webpage for downloading the game. Screenshots, artwork, excited text, etc. and I’m sure you guys will be able to help out. The tricky part with Defend Your Flaahgra is not spoiling what happens, yet still somehow convincing people to play past the first minute. But I’m sure we can come up with something!

Anyway, registrations are already open and the event is from November 25th-29th (I am on break during that time!), so I look forward to hearing what you think of this proposition!

I’m actually familiar with this… Project Prime was there back in the day.

Definitely sounds like a plan (and maybe means I should get around to doing some pixel art again).

Heh, looks like I should’ve done a little more research before making the claim that “this is the first year that the Prime 2D community has something to offer”, because P2D had a booth back in 2007! And Project Prime as well as a few other fangames were made by members of our own community here.

Anyway, I just took several screenshots of Defend Your Flaahgra which we might use in the booth. I’m thinking that one of them is going to be a super-blurred image of the grown-up Flaahgra mode, with large text over it saying something like “But wait! There’s more?” or “Who’s that Pokemon?” or something, in the hopes that it’ll A.) get people curious enough to download the game, but B.) be mysterious enough as to not give away what it really means or looks like.

Hopefully in the next week I’ll have time to write up a short description and finalize these screenshots I took. Time’s ticking before the event and I want to make sure we can get a booth!


What do you guys think of these images for our booth?

Here’s our description:

[size=4]Reinterpreting the events in Metroid Prime’s ?Sunchamber?, Defend Your Flaahgra tells the tragic tale of a mutant flower’s fight for survival in its own home. Using simple mouse controls, you must wield a diverse array of attacks and upgrades to resist the incoming legions of creatures and unleash the true power of the mighty Flaahgra!

Boasting a colorful custom-made soundtrack over 7 minutes in length, this fangame is rooted in the long-forgotten Prime 2D community (aka Team SCU) as the first official demo released since 2008, and it is also the first public showcase of the NetMission game engine, a private general-purpose software project being developed by Troid92.

For maximum enjoyment, be sure to use headphones and play past the first minute or so.[/size]

This is amazing.

Alright, everyone!

The convention starts in under 1.5 hours!
Here is the link to the booth, which will soon be accessible from the main site!

I’m excited.