NCHS Wind Ensamble

We recently performed at Jam Fest, which is a pretty big thing around here.
These are recordings of us performing (Levels show difficulty, 6 being highest): (Level 6) (Level 6) (Level 6) (Level 7 (Yes, seriously)) (Level 6 1/2)

As you see, we are a pretty decent band. :smiley:

Feel free to post your own band performances!

very nice =D
i wish i could play an instrument xD

oh, i r in band 2

Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School Band

wind ensemble (grade 10 band)


On a Hymnsong Of Lowell Mason

Chorale and Shaker Dance

Edit: finally fixed all of them

What levels are the music? Sounds like 3-4, maybe a 5…

Then again, I’ve only listened to the first one so far.

OMFG! On the second one, I’m sorry, but do yall tune daily? Some of that just hurt.

what do you mean? was it bad?

n.e.way I have no idea what the levels are but I do know that the last one was hard as hell
We did those for our concert not long ago and are done with them nao.

It’s WAY out of tune.
And hard is a matter of oppion.

Like, our last one was hard. But that wuz cuz it was in Cut time with a tempo of 220.

Well I’d say that most would agree with me when I say that Chorale and Shaker Dance when you take into account the fact that for most its a university level piece.

Also the tuning issues are probably the clarinet’s fault, also all three of them were recorded at different concerts because they were all parts of different set lists, so maybe they were all out of tune and Winds from the South

Actually it was in the brass, which I noticed because I play a brass instrument.

But Turbine (song 4) is actually a professional-level piece and we, supprisingly, owned it.